Our Values

Our Mission

While identifying integrity, quality and client satisfaction as our guiding principles of doing business, Grae-Con will provide our clients with superior construction services, all while providing a safe and enjoyable work environment.



Grae-Con prides itself on its ethical business conduct by both our employees and management staff. Under the management of the Gribben family, we instill in all our personnel the highest standards of business ethics, and we conduct all business transactions, negotiations, and project execution with integrity. Our reputation and employee character always come before our profitability.



Quality Construction Services in the Ohio Valley
Over the past 20 years, we've gathered knowledge from our experience working for a wide variety of clients and have used that knowledge to develop a Total Quality Management (TQM) program. We have established a series of operating systems and procedures to help our projects run smoothly. A TQM committee meets quarterly to continue to improve our program and ensure we are providing our clients with the highest quality services and finished product.


At Grae-Con, we've realized that what makes us so successful is not only our complete, self-performed contracting services, but our people that perform those services. Our employees are like family to us, and that's why we instill in each of them just how important it is to be safe. Many people believe "safety comes first," but at Grae-Con we believe it's "safety always."

Safety On the Job

Our employees are required to attend safety task analysis meetings every morning they are on the jobsite. These meetings ensure our employees are aware of the on-site hazards and the standards that must be utilized to carry out their work according to code. As a result of our strict on the job safety program, we have superior EMR and TRFR ratings with OSHA and our worker's compensation.

Safety Education & Training

Safety; Construction Services in Ohio

An eight-member safety committee meets every month to ensure our crews are using the latest equipment as outlined under OSHA safety standards. In turn, our employees receive ongoing safety training and meetings outlining the proper safety processes in each construction application.

Our safety director is certified to conduct OSHA 10- and 30-hour training sessions, CPR education, First-Aid training, and other safety education classes specific to construction applications, such as fall protection and scaffold erection.

Drug and Alcohol-Free

We operate a completely drug and alcohol-free workplace to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees and that we are producing the best quality results on the job. Our drug and alcohol program provides ongoing monitoring and random testing to reinforce our policy.

Environmentally Friendly Construction Services in Ohio


Grae-Con believes that our communities and environment are precious resources we must strive to maintain and foster As we build and develop the structures found throughout our community, we are constantly striving to compensate for our footprint, preserving the environment and natural habitats with green construction procedures and methods.