Our People & Values

Being a “family business” means much more to us than who’s related to who. While it’s true that Grae-Con Construction has been in the Gribben family for decades, we consider our employees and clients to be part of the family. The family atmosphere we foster in the corporate office and on the jobsite is why more than half of our staff has been with us for more than 15 years. Our management team has over 750 years of combined experience, setting us apart from other commercial construction companies.

We also believe our steadfast commitment to preserving the environments we build in makes us unique. As we build and develop structures in these communities, we’re always conscious of our footprint and make every effort to follow green construction procedures and methods.

But it all starts at the top. Our leadership sets the tone for how employees treat our clients and each other. Integrity, quality, and client satisfaction are our guiding principles of doing business, and we pledge to provide clients with superior construction services in a safe and enjoyable work environment.


We pride ourselves on conducting our business under strict ethical standards that govern our every decision. Since the early days of the company, the Gribben family has instilled the principle of integrity in all our practices, and that priority remains today. Our reputation and employee character will always come before profitability.


First-hand knowledge and expertise gained over the past decades of work have given us a unique perspective on quality. We’ve used that awareness to develop our Total Quality Management (TQM) program, including the organization of a TQM committee that meets quarterly to advance our mission to provide the highest quality service possible.

Client Satisfaction

Our clients are our biggest advocates, and personal referrals are our most cherished rewards. With every job, we put the clients’ needs above our own to ensure complete satisfaction with the project. It’s that commitment to client satisfaction that has contributed to our success and growth as a commercial construction provider of choice in the Great Lakes region.