Safety Always

While others talk about “safety first”, Grae-Con Construction is focused on “safety always”. We advocate for safety by holding daily safety task analysis meetings on the job site that all employees are required to attend. In these meetings, employees are briefed on any site hazards that could harm their health and the standards that must be applied in order to meet code. Our strict compliance with safety protocols has earned us superior EMR and TRFR ratings with OSHA and our workers’ compensation provider.

Safety Education and Training

Grae-Con utilizes an eight-member safety committee that meets monthly to confirm employees are using equipment as outlined by OSHA. For any construction application changes or developments, employees always receive in-depth training to properly prepare them for the job site. Our on-staff safety director is a certified instructor for OSHA’s 10- and 30-hour training sessions, CPR, first aid, and other training courses like fall protection and scaffold erection.

Drug and Alcohol-Free Job Sites

We operate on a strictly drug and alcohol-free job site to ensure the safety of our employees and the quality of your project. This commitment includes an ongoing drug and alcohol program that monitors for inappropriate usage and randomly tests employees to reinforce the policy.