Grae-Con Partners with ATS Ohio

We are always looking for ways to support our clients and grow our business, which is why we’ve partnered with ATS Ohio!

Grae-Con has formed a partnership with ATS Ohio to help with the assembly, troubleshooting, and testing of the battery conveyor lines that get shipped to manufacturing facilities across the US. ATS Ohio engineers and develops robotic conveying lines for the automotive and pharmaceutical industries.

Through this partnership, with over 100 skilled millwrights on site, Grae-Con and ATS Ohio promote the qualities of craftsmanship, leadership, and exceptional management across multiple industries. We look forward to expanding our reach and working in new states throughout the country.

A partnership of this size also opens opportunities for apprentices to do more coming out of school. As we evolve our training model, we expect growth within the union millwright force throughout the state.

If you have questions about our ATS Ohio partnership or are looking for a millwright/general contractor for your next project, schedule a call with us today.