Wellsburg City Hall Steps Project Nears Completion

After numerous delays, the renovation to the front entrance of Wellsburg City Hall finally has an end in sight.

Initiated several years ago as part of a contract between Grae-Con Construction and Wellsburg, West Virginia, this project – which consists of replacing the building’s deteriorating front steps and adding a handicap accessible ramp – had to be halted this past February. This development came after City Manager Steve Maguschak learned that federal regulations for handicap ramps had changed since the approval and production of the project’s initial designs. The new ramp had to be extended further into the Town Square. Councilmembers expressed concern about how these new plans would affect the integrity and aesthetics of the town hall building and wondered if they should redesign the project and seek new bids.

After considering alternatives and holding a special meeting, the Wellsburg City Council voted in favor of continuing the project with Grae-Con and having the handicap ramp installed from the east side of the front steps into the asphalt alley at the rear of the building. While most of the council was in favor of this new plan, one council member suggested extending the ramp onto a different street and raised concerns about the top landing of the ramp being too close to the door.

Most recently, the council called in Mayor Dan Dudley to break a tie vote over whether a portico should be added to the top of the new staircase. City Manager Steve Maguschak believed it would add protection to the new sliding doors, but others thought it clashed with the buildings original design and the $24,000 it would cost would be better spent elsewhere.

Grae-Con is currently waiting on the results of this vote before adding the railing to the new steps as well as the handicap accessible ramp, after which the project will be in its final stages.